Sunday, June 21, 2015

Crazy Event - Art & Movie Mesh - Mattapan

Had our first event in Mattapan at the Mattapan Branch Boston Public Library Thursday June 18th 5:30PM to 7:30PM.  The event was a mesh up of drawing, coloring and watching a movie.  I wanted to entice potential guests with the opportunity to be involved in more than one thing.

No one from the Dorchester LGBT Group rsvp'd for this event.  Two people from both the Free Events Group and the Dorchester Events group did rsvp, but never showed up.  This is not usually the case, but the truth is, you never know what you're going to get. I'm so glad I also, finally, passed out fliers like I've wanted to start doing.  An hour after the event started two people I had met passing out fliers showed up with, who I believe to be their grandchildren.

The Dorchester LGBT Group
The Dorchester Events Group
Mattapan Roxbury Dorchester Free Events

I hadn't picked out the movie before arriving, but I brought what I could get my hands on from home as a backup - "How to Train Your Dragon", "Man of Steel" and "MegaMind"  After seeing who our audience was, I was glad I did.

This was another big learning experience for me.  When I passed out the fliers to the older gentlemen I had met, I was honestly wondering if they would fit into the younger crowd that usually attends. Would the group accept them? Would they accept the group?  Why are these guys hanging out on the street?  LOL.  However, that stuff doesn't matter.  The groups I organize are for everyone and they were a pleasure to have there.  In addition they each brought someone with them who not only watched the movie, but also used the markers I supplied to color.  They were an hour late, but they did show up.  I'm thinking to myself, maybe I need to be looking for the older good natured people hanging out on the street.  They seem to have the time.

This was a wonderful location.  It's a neighborhood with bad stigma, but the library was more than I hoped for. The librarian mentioned it was about 6 years old and it really looked like it was just built yesterday. Nice size parking area. There are two meeting spaces including the conference that seats 16 and the Alice W. Yancey community room that seats 128. We were in the conference room and unfortunately we couldn't eat there.  However, it was already equipped with a DVD player hooked up to a great size flat screen TV mounted to the wall.  Nice large clean conference room tables with comfortable swivel chairs. It was quiet and private.

I do hope for the larger room next time so we can eat.  I also hope to host a larger event in that room, if we can get the RSVPs up. I think the big issue is, I need help.  I can't host every event on my own, plus advertise for all 3 main groups. I'll figure it out.  I'll get better.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Singing Circle Event - Reaching Out to a Diverse Community

We didn't get a lot of people for this event, but I am still considering it a success. Once again I didn't brake the bank spending too much money on food.  It was just about 13$ for popcorn, water, paper cups, because I like to recycle, and juice.  It also took less time in the store, because I knew exactly what I was looking for. 

Two arrived, but only one other sang.  Bridge Over Troubled Water and Price Tag were two of the songs I chose to sing. Some of the other songs we also sang were, Simple Gift, Lean On Me, Now I Walk in Beauty and America the Beautiful.  While I do fine singing at home alone, at least in my imagination, I was presented with some challenges singing with someone else. I can't just stop and take a long breath anymore or sing my own made-up version of the song. We had to be for the most part in sync.

Like last time I believe I fell short with my marketing for this event.  I should have hung more fliers in the neighborhood.  I know I will improve. Someone also gave me a suggestion for adding more diversity to the group after I expressed an interest in being able to reach out to those whose first language may not be English.  They said, try reaching out to the immigration association.  I don't know what that is and why would I, but I will take the advice. 

There is a great mix of people in the Dorchester community including but not limited to Hispanic, Asian, English, Italian, Haitian, Black, African American, Italian and Irish.  I want to reach out to everyone.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Dorchester LGBT Group Cartoon Ad

I would love to meet someone just for me, someone to love.

However, there is something I want more, something I want first. I would like to find an easier way for everyone to connect with the LGBT community. While I am somewhat connected organizing the Dorchester LGBT Group, it's easy to understand why a lot of people aren't. While there are several groups out there on alone, not every event fits every schedule. It also takes a significant amount of time to get to know people. Friendships aren't built overnight.

Please comment if you have any suggestions for helping people connect to the LGBT community.

Also comment if you have questions you think I may be able to answer or things I you would like to see available to us in the future. 

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Boston LGBT Event Ad

Interested in learning about and sharing Boston LGBT events with other members of the community.

You've found the right group.

Conveniently organized, right on

You'll be able to view and share event information with other members of the Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender community.

Friday, May 8, 2015

The Dorchester LGBT Group Ad

Interested in meeting other members of the LGBT community in Dorchester. Please join us.

---- ----------------- We are a group very open to creative suggestions and we're constantly looking for different locations to meet especially those that are in the Dorchester area. If you are apart of the lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender community, this group might be just what you're looking for.

You don't have to be from Dorchester to join but most of our events will be held there.

If you decide to start a group closer to home, we will be happy to support you.

I would personally like to see plenty of opportunities for people to get out and meet other LGBT members. While there are quite a few groups focused on Downtown Boston, I think it's important that people don't have to be inconvenienced just to meet someone for a few hours. It really takes time to build valuable connections, I simple want to take the commute out of the equation.

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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Display Your Art - Mattapan Dorchester Roxbury Free Events Ad

Updated December 27th 2015:  This group is no longer active.  However please consider joining the Dorchester Event Group.  We would be happy to have you display your art at any of our public events where room allows. 

Looking for artist(s) to display their art at our events.

I organize the Mattapan Roxbury Dorchester Free Events Group and others.
Follow the link to join:

 We do not absolutely need art displayed at each event. However, this may be a great opportunity for 1 or 2 artists to display their work. Since we will not have decoration at most events, it will also help to brighten the atmosphere and to stir some conversation. Photography, painting, collage, music, etc. welcome.

1st Step: If interested, the first step is to join. You can respond to this email with questions. You can also email me through the group page after joining.

2nd Step: Send me an email and let me know you're an artists interested in displaying your work. I would like to give each artist a special title under their name so other members know their reason for joining.

3rd Step: Update your notification settings. I get way too many emails from some of these groups. It's annoying. I try to send only one or two emails a month. However, you may also get updated each time someone comments on an event. Please update your settings! I don't want you to spam me!

4th Step: Keep a look out for upcoming event opportunities. Any indoor event and maybe some outdoor events are opportunities to display your work. 

About this group:

We are often joined by both the Dorchester Events Group and Dorchester LGBT Group.

This is more than an LGBT friendly group. It's an Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender welcoming group.

We welcome everyone young, old, brown, yellow, green, blue, tall, short, rich, poor. There is a place for you here. And if anyone makes you feel unwelcome including myself, please let me know. 

Boston Free Events Ad

Join this group to find out about and share free events in all of Boston.

I organize a few groups in Boston and I'm always looking for free events for us to attend.  Free events mean all my members no matter their budget can attend.  They simple need to cover the cost of transportation if they don't already live in the neighborhood.    Finding other people hosting these free events and welcoming my group means a good time for everyone with little effort on my part.  I will of course be giving credit to the event host. 

This group may also be a great opportunity for free event hosts to collaborate with each other. Just maybe a few of us could team up on a free event.  Anyone interested in teaming up? What kind of events do you like to host?