Saturday, August 24, 2013

Uphams Corner Street Festival 2013

This years Upham's Corner Street Festival lead by Maxwell McCarthy of Upham's Corner Main Street and a committee of volunteers from the neighborhood was a  success.  Plenty of vendors, food and entertainment.
Former Street Festival Event Organizer Bob Haas was there and happy to see the Upham's Corner Street Festival making a come back. This year Stoughton Street was closed.  Last year the event only made use of the side walks.  For about 10 years prior to that, there was no street festival.  Bob recalls the times when he was running the festival and blocked off part of Columbia Road.  He looks forward to it returning to its former glory.

There is a wonderful new painter in our neighborhood.  So far everytime I've come a across him he's been painting something. The Street festival was no exception.  He was one of the vendors that day.  As soon as he set up and pulled out a clean canvas, he started painting another masterpiece. He was almost complete by the time the festival had ended.

Upham's Corner Liberty Tax Service, I have to say had a large presence at this event. If you didn't notice the groups of people in front of their retail space then you weren't there.

I think I enjoyed the last group to hit the stage the most.  Brian Plautz and his band the most. The saxophone took the lead, but every artist came with a lot of enthusiasm and seem to have their own solo moments. You can find Brian Plautz music at or purchase his music at
You can see of short video summary of the event by visiting: or

(Upham's Corner is a neighborhood in Dorchester MA which is apart of Boston MA)

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