Friday, July 11, 2014

Walking Carson Beach - Event with the Dorchester LGBT Group

The Dorchester LGBT Group or

Had fun walking Carson Beach for the first time with the Dorchester LGBT Group July 10th 6PM.  4 of us met at Star Market near JFK Station. By 6:30PM after making sure everyone had what they needed for food, we took off from Star Market to Carson Beach.

The Dorchester LGBT Group - First Walking Event - Carson Beach

We met up with two other members later in the evening.  All together, there were six of us.  10 were RSVPed so 60% showed up.  I'm considering attendance for this event a success.

The Dorchester LGBT Group -First Walking Event - Carson Beach
 I came to this event with the intention of snapping lots of photos.  Not only did I want photos of the Dorchester LGBT Group, but I also wanted photos of the Cambridge Boston Volley Ball Association.  I found out about this organization through my friend Chris.  The CBVA welcomes gay, straight, men, women, black, white, everyone to play volley ball. They are normally in Cambridge for the winter season but play at Joe Moakley Park near JFK station for the summer season Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays.

The Dorchester LGBT Group - First Walking Event - Carson Beach
Unfortunately, I was too late to take photos, but did get to introduce myself to John who I had previously conversed with via a few comments on about the CBVA.

CBVA Website:
CBVA Facebook Page:

From the CBVA website July 11t: "Cambridge Boston Volleyball Association welcomes players of all skill levels, men and women, gay or straight."

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