Thursday, August 7, 2014

Paint Castle Island - A Dorchester Social and LGBT Group Event

Paint Castle Island was one the best events of the year. It was hosted at Castle Island in South Boston MA. The idea for the event was to get a few individuals interested in painting or in just meeting new people while enjoying the atmosphere.  Arrivals could have the option of painting on paper or collaborating on a larger canvas.  I invited the Dorchester Social group, the Dorchester LGBT group and the LGBT Family Fun group.


This was a somewhat hard event to organize and I was definitely worried about the cost.  Only days before did I finally purchase enough paints for about 20 from the art supply store Blick.  More than 100$ for a bucket of white and what looked like about a half gallon each of black, blue, red and yellow. The canvas, which was just 4 X 8 Ft plywood only cost about 13$. The only issue with that was fitting in my van without braking it.

 Unfortunately only 3 others arrived for the event.  Marc, my mom and Christine.  Fortunately, we all love painting and good conversation so it made for a great time.  One things I could have done better.

1. Was too busy doing to many other things and forgot to leave my contact information for the Dorchester Social Group.  No one could call me to cancel or to tell me they weren't sure where we were.  Also my phone died and my car battery died.  I had a few people mention not being able to make it days after.  However Christine and another member waited for sometime before finding me. 

Marc took some beautiful images with is phone that evening.  You have to join the group to see the rest. The image above is one of my favorites.

Friday, August 1, 2014

See the New Ads Promoting The Dorchester LGBT Group

          The Dorchester LGBT Group, which is focused on creating fun events for the LGBT community in Dorchester Boston MA is creating a series of ads meant to grab the viewer's attention. While they are using a platform, they feel the need to reach a wider audience that might not be familiar with the website. Therefore, it is the groups intention to spread these ads on social media sites such as, and 

            Feel free to make comments about the ads below.  Your feedback will be useful to this ever growing group.  What do you think about the colors and text? What would you like to see different?  The

Dorchester LGBT Group currently approximately 10 members on  
and more than 100 members on


The people you can't forget are your friends.

Beautiful Couple Dorchester Boston LGBT Group

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The Dorchester LGBT Group

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Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Group in Dorchester Boston MA
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