Friday, August 1, 2014

See the New Ads Promoting The Dorchester LGBT Group

          The Dorchester LGBT Group, which is focused on creating fun events for the LGBT community in Dorchester Boston MA is creating a series of ads meant to grab the viewer's attention. While they are using a platform, they feel the need to reach a wider audience that might not be familiar with the website. Therefore, it is the groups intention to spread these ads on social media sites such as, and 

            Feel free to make comments about the ads below.  Your feedback will be useful to this ever growing group.  What do you think about the colors and text? What would you like to see different?  The

Dorchester LGBT Group currently approximately 10 members on  
and more than 100 members on


The people you can't forget are your friends.

Beautiful Couple Dorchester Boston LGBT Group

Dorchester Boston Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender

Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Dorchester Boston MA

The Dorchester LGBT Group Family Beach

Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Group Dorchester MA

How do I meet LGBT people in Dorchester MA?

The Dorchester LGBT Group

The Dorchester LGBT Group

The Lesbian Gay Transgender Bisexual

LGBT Group in the Dorchester Community

Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Group in Dorchester Boston MA
Searching your computer for LGBT Friends in Dorchester Boston MA
He's looking to meet someone online.  

He would like to meet someone in Boston Dorchester MA but is not sure how.
He would like to meet someone but first needs to get out of bed.

He wonders if there's someone special for him.
Wondering who's out there.
Express yourself. Show who you really are to meet the right person.
You have to let people see the real you. 

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