Friday, January 9, 2015

Gay Movies

It's crazy how many gay themed movies I've watched over the last few months or so on  I never realized there was so much variety.  Every movie I watched lead me to another suggestion. Pretty soon I had completed 32 movies.  I thought maybe one of these movies could be shared at one of our events. Thought I could also inspire others to share their thoughts about movies they've seen or one of the movies mentioned in this blog post.

I don't plan on discussing all the movies below. I do however want to highlight a  few that may or may not be the best movies, but really stand out as having some unique qualities.

It's not all about sex with me, but lets start with Angels of Sex 2012Both straight and gay sex scenes, but what I remember the most about this movie is the great ending I will not reveal.

Next up Judas Kiss 2011  This is a drama that keeps you guessing and never really explains the science behind the fiction.  I kept asking myself how is this character able to meet his past self. Enjoyed it.

Now eCupid 2011.  I really don't like movies that involve bad communication or lies for that matter.  I'm always screaming in my head for the truth to be revealed and I feel really frustrated inside.  Despite my feelings, this was a great movie.

Out in the Dark 2012 I believe to be one of my favorites. It has drama, danger and romance.  It's a believable story. All that's missing is a happy ending.  Oh well.

The Birdcage 1996 was the only adult comedy free from sex scenes. G.B.F 2013 was the only teen comedy that wasn't focused around sex. Both funny, but The Birdcage wins best comedy in my book.

Below are all the movies I've watched. In bold are ones I've mentioned and others that caught my attention.


The Birdcage 1996 - Comedy Starring Robin Williams, Gene Hackman, Nathan Lane, Dianne Wiest
Bedrooms and Hallways 1988 -

Boy Culture 2006   -  Staring Derek Magyar

Bangkok Love Story 2007 - Romantic Crime Action Drama
Save Me 2007 - Drama - Chad Allen, Judith Light, Stephen Lang

Mulligans 2008  -  Staring Dan Payne, Charlie David, Thea Gill - Romantic Drama
Were the World Mine 2008 - Staring Tanner Cohen - Romantic Musical Fantasy

Is It Just Me? 2010   - Staring Nicholas Downs, David Loren, Adam Huss  -

Eating Out 2005
Eating Out: All You Can Eat 2009
Eating Out: Drama Camp 2011
Eating Out: The Open Weekend 2011

Bear City 2011   - Staring , ,                          
eCupid 2011      -  Staring Houston Rhines, Noah SchuffmanMorgan Fairchild
Judas Kiss 2011 -  Staring Charlie David, Richard Harmon
Longhorn 2011  -  Staring

Angels of Sex 2012 - Staring Álvaro Cervantes, Àstrid Bergès-Frisbey, Llorenç González
Beyond the Walls 2012 - Staring Matila Malliarakis, Guillaume Gouix
Going Down in La-La Land 2012 - Staring  Matthew Ludwinski, Allison Lane, Michael Medico
I Do 2012 - Staring David W. Ross, Maurice Compte, Alicia Witt, Jamie-Lynn Sigler
Out in the Dark 2012 - Drama Staring ,
Pentunia 2012
The Perfect Wedding 2012 - Staring Eric Aragon, Jason T. Gaffney
Weekend 2012 - Staring Tom Cullen, Chris New

The Bridegroom 2013 - Staring Thomas Lee Bridegroom, Shane Bitney Crone - Documentary
Free Fall 2013 - Staring Hanno Koffler, Max Riemelt
G.B.F 2013 - Staring Paul Iacono, Michael J. Willett
Naked As We Came 2013 - Staring Ryan Vigilant, Benjamin Weaver, Karmine Alers, Lué McWilliams
The Happy Sad 2013 - Staring    , , , Cameron Scoggins                                                          
Pit Stop 2013 - Staring Bill Heck, Marcus DeAnda
Five Dances 2013 - Staring Ryan Steele
Getting Go: The Go Doc Project 2013 Staring Tanner Cohen, Matthew Camp

Suggest a movie in your blog comments.  Interested in watching one of these movies with other members of the Dorchester Community. Join the Dorchester LGBT Group or the Dorchester Events Groups. /

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