Monday, March 2, 2015

Movie Day in Dorchester on February 14th

The great thing about this February 14th event was the number of people who showed up despite the weather.  5 groups and 16 RSVPd in all, a winter storm warning set for that evening, already mounds of snow on the ground and continued slow service from the MBTA.  Zero attendees would be a reasonable expectation.

For our movie day we watch the LGBT gay documentary focused on the lives of Shane Britney Crone and Tom Bridegroom. I think everyone watching was moved by their love story.  On a side note Shane now travels around the country and shares his story.

This was our first movie event and a great success.  If you could do something different, I would spend less on food given that typically turnouts are low and most don't eat anyway. Tips for event planner.

This event we was suppose to have art displayed by two talented artists.

Featuring painting from her series: Gay Buddha


Eric Chapman

                   Eric Chapman                                                                     JAMILA
This event just happen to be on Valentines Day.  It was not the organizers intention, but couples and singles were both welcome.
Though 5 groups were invited only 3 attended including: Mix Your World Diversity Connection, Dorchester Events, The Dorchester LGBT Group

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