Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The Dorchester Social Group Ad

Dorchester Social has changed it's name to the Dorchester Events Group.  However you can still use the link to reach the group.  If in the future this link is not working, you can still always use  We will be updating the logo / flier soon.

Meet other people in the Dorchester Community.
Network with your neighbors.
Explore Local Restaurants and other venues.

So far we have explored different restaurants in the Dorchester community.  So far no venue has been repeated.  We are still exploring all the community has to offer.  We've had movie nights.  We've also collaborated with other groups.  In the works right now is our first singing event.  This group is continuously growing and moving towards it's goal. 

Our goal is to reach as many members of the community as possible for fun no obligation events.  No politics, no fees, no qualification to get in. This group is not associated with any religious organizations.  We welcome everyone.

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