Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Boston Free Events Ad

Join this group to find out about and share free events in all of Boston.

I organize a few groups in Boston and I'm always looking for free events for us to attend.  Free events mean all my members no matter their budget can attend.  They simple need to cover the cost of transportation if they don't already live in the neighborhood.    Finding other people hosting these free events and welcoming my group means a good time for everyone with little effort on my part.  I will of course be giving credit to the event host. 

This group may also be a great opportunity for free event hosts to collaborate with each other. Just maybe a few of us could team up on a free event.  Anyone interested in teaming up? What kind of events do you like to host?


  1. That is great dear and I am feeling great to see you here. I am also planning for a small business event in Boston and for that I am looking for best Boston venues. Can you help me by suggesting a good location please?