Thursday, May 7, 2015

Mattapn Roxbury Dorchester Free Events - Experiment Complete

Updated December 27th 2014:
This Mattapan Roxbury Dorchester Free Events group was an experiment and even though I stepped down as the organizer on I can't say the experiment was not a success.

Over this time I did learn, I can save time and energy by sticking with what I know.  I've lived in Dorchester for a great deal of my life, but have no real knowledge of Roxbury and Mattapan.  I couldn't even suggest a restaurant for the group to meet at I was familiar with.
I wanted to include those communities because I know they experience some of the same stigma Dorchester has. I was hoping to help at the least, the people in the community feel better about where they live.  I wanted to reveal all the positive things already happening in the community and invite the community to some see them.  However, trying to cater to all 3 communities at once was simple too much of a task for me right now.  I work odd hours and I don't even live in Dorchester anymore.

In addition, free events take up a lot of time and effort. Since I don't live in the community I couldn't host anything in my home.  I had to utilize the public libraries which rarely have evening availability to host events ideal for families with kids in school and anyone who works  a regular 9-5.  Providing food also cost and not knowing how many will show if any makes hosting these events and even more difficult task.

"I can give you a sure-fire formula for success, but I can give you a sure-fire formula for failure: try to please everybody all the time." - Herbert Bayard Swope

Trying to cater equally to 3 communities at once was way too much for me.
This really motivated me to find other event host to assist.  I even created events focused on finding event hosts.  I found one who ended up hosting a swap and donate event.  It wasn't a great turnout, but it was nice to see the group could go on without me. It's unfortunate we will no longer be working together.

This Mattapan Roxbury Dorchester Events Group will likely be closed in 8 days.  Out of the 95 other members, no one has stepped up to become the organizer since the announcement was made about a week ago.

I am still organizing the Dorchester Events Group and Dorchester LGBT Group.  I am familiar with the area a some of the venues there.  I also know where to park my car so that saves me some time.

Below: One of the ads I had on

The Mattapan Roxbury Dorchester Free Events Group

Welcoming everyone from the community including the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender members and friends. This is a group for everyone no matter age, race or background.

The group in focused around free events.
Currently looking for organizers interested in uniting the community on a regular basis for planned events of their own or community events planned by another organization.

If interested, start by attending one of our events and speaking to the event organizer. If you can't make it, contact the organizer via email. Only members will be considered.


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