Organizations & Groups in Dorchester


Created for people working in and living in the Dorchester community and surrounding neighborhoods including Roxbury, South Boston and Quincy.  Our focus is creating fun social events close to home, providing a convenient way to meet new people.

Created for the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender community and friends.  Most events are hosted in Dorchester, but there are also events in Quincy, Roxbury, South Boston and Downtown Boston.

Dot Out
" A grassroots, member driven organization committed to the ideals of acceptance, inclusion, fairness, and equality.  We believe in the strength of the LGBTQ community in Dorchester and recognize that together through our activism and neighborliness we can positively influence local opinion on issues that are relevant to us and our community."- 8/8/14 Find them by visiting

The Cambridge Boston Volleyball Association (CBVA)
"Welcomes players of all skill levels, men and women, gay or straight." - 8/8/14  During the winter season they play indoors in Cambridge. During the summer season they play outdoors at Dorchester's Joe Moakley Park near along Carson Beach near JFK Station. Find them by visiting

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